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Absolutely delicious


The fact you can pay online with a card makes it 100% my go to place for curry.


Great food




Dishes always good, but sometimes errors with the order. Best takeaway in town.

Rob Hagan,

The best tasting curry in Oxfordshire thank you. )


Forgot our popadums ( but apart from that the usual delicious standard


Easy to order


Best curry in Witney


Really enjoyed our meal last time. It's great that you can personalise your meal as well

Jonathan Smith,

very nice


All really good

Mark H ,

Absolutely positive i ordered a chicken korai but a chicken tikka kashmiri was ordered and delivered. Not a bad curry just not what i was expecting. I think order confirmation should include what has been ordered to save unexpected surprises.

Carrie Monro,

Best curry we have had in ages, thank you

Carrie Monro,

Amazing service!!!! Lovely food.. )

Selina Aston,

lovely food good service especially delivery man Martin he is a credit to the company shame you put prices up without telling requlary customers most weeks we order the same thing but no mention of price increase and a £2.00 increase is a lot that is why ticked average before would of been good bet you did not give staff that wage increaase!!


You need to sort out your delivery times. 2nd time we ordered, 1st time turned up an hour early, this time is 40 mins early. Why have a live delivery time saying my curry will be delivered in 35 mins when the drivers already gone back with the early food? And if it's reheated when it comes at your original 9.00 delivery time then dont expect me to pay for it!

Paul Streeter,

food was lovely last time - would be nice if you had some different vegetarian options using tofu or quorn.


Sometimes curries taste of burnt tomato. Mixed nan bread an absolute stormer though. Still ordering after 15 years says it all really, good food, well cooked and good value for money.

Regular Curry Eater,


Jamie Winder,

Not sure why your App will not work after 9pm? Very annoying, but great food and prompt deliver!




Nearly two hours for it to arrive. You could let your on line customers know this, instaed of having the hour timer.


Food was very good as always. First time ordering online also last as the service was very slow and not kept to the time scale. I understand some days can be busy. But I have heard before when waiting for a pick up order how the online service has problems. I would suggest this needs looking at as customers will only take so much of the online has problems before they give up with coming back.


Used Eastern Cuisine since we moved here 17 yaers ago and always brilliant. Tried one or two others but always come back to EC. Delivery guys are very nice, food is excellent.

Deborah Oxley,

Food ordered at 18.45. Nothing recived at 815. Rang eastern cuisine left on hold for 5 mins. Phone answered by someone different. Then told the food hadn't left yet. Frankly poor service and just not good enough.

Paul Wisby,